Studio Ghibli movies this week on Film4

Found 25th Jul
Just a heads up for anyone that loves studio ghibli animated movies, loads of films on this week including

kiki's delivery service
grave of the fireflies
castle of cagliostro (not strictly studio ghibli)
The tale of the princess Kaguya
The little Norse Prince.

More movies could be on next week also due to the holidays but I can't see past 7days.

If you or your kids haven't seen any of the above movies then I'd definitely get them to watch Kiki and Arriety... the other films such as grave of the fireflies can be upsetting.

Ten times better than anything Disney churn out.
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I hadn't spotted all of these, so thanks. Spirited Away is also on Film 4 coming up
I've done a quick search and can't find any of these films apart kiki that's on 31st July on Film four. Which channels did you see them on?
I found this on film four
Times and DatesSunday 29th - 1pm, Spirited Away

Tuesday 31st - 2.35pm, Kiki’s Delivery Service

Wednesday 1st - 2.40pm, Arrietty

Thursday 2nd - 11am, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya; 2.20am, Little Norse Prince

Friday 3rd - 12.35pm, The Castle of Cagliostro; 1.15am, Grave of the Fireflies
All are on film 4 and I'm sure more will be on next week.
Wow nice thanks muchly, still needed to see Little Norse Prince and Castle of Cagliostro!
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