Stupid 3....

    my contract with them ended in June, and well they didnt take the last payment.
    i got sent a letter yesterday saying i owe them £13 and that this is the last warning otherwise they will pass on the £13 debt to a credit agency etc
    first of all i didnt even recieve a single letter before this...
    n 2nd of all...
    their customer service sucks
    i complained about the threatenin letter etc
    n they finally passed me onto a bloke in glasgow....
    to whom i made the payment to n then they have offered me a £10 to apologise for the letter etc
    they are such gits
    why cldnt they jus take 3 quid


    Rather silly isn't it of 3 i mean Admin cost's of sending the letter and paying staff for calls etc etc prob come's to more than 3 pounds - 10 pounds your offered like derrrrr where did it go george? lol :giggle:

    Original Poster

    now they've got to process my cheque back for £10
    post it to me etc
    they don't realise their losing out
    i shld have pushed for the call charges too lol
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