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Stupid but true laws

Posted 20th Mar 2013
Hi was watching the matt Lucas show last night and they had a stupid but true laws debate where it was found the weird laws some people beleive to be true are infact myths. What I am trying to find out is many tears ago when I worked as a trucker we where led to beleive that it was legal to urinate at the road side as long as you peed over your rear wheels was always told this stemmed from the carters act of 18.0 something which could be true seeing as carters where the forefathers of truckers. So can anyone tell me if this is infact true or just another myth.
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I think if you are a Cab Driver you are allowed to pee on nearside rear wheel,might only be for London Black Cabs and yes the law was passed when they were original Hackney Cabs horse driven,I am sure someone on this site will give you the definitive answer Cheers
At one time in the UK, it was legal for a man to urinate in public, so long as it occurred on the rear wheel of his vehicle and he had his right hand on the vehicle. The laws allowing this were the Hackney Carriage Laws, which were repealed in 1976.

Source Wikipedia


See also "Laughable Laws". Fascinating Facts & Curious Questions. Incredible. p. 44. ISBN 1-84193-495-X.

There is no generally applicable offence of urinating in public, although it is often an offence under local byelaws. Local authorities are expected to exercise discretion in deciding whether to prosecute, based on, for example, the nature of the locality and the availability of public toilets nearby. There does not appear to be a specific exemption for pregnant women, but discretion not to charge might be exercised if a pregnant woman were caught short in public. However, it does seem unlikely that a police officer would offer his helmet for the purpose. I remember this was also mentioned on the Matt Lucas show with regards to pregnant woman urinating in public though only caught the end of it.

Source Legal Curiosities: Fact or Fable? - Law Commission.

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Having an opinion and voicing it about something.

Its now called racism and its a laughable law
Bavis 1 is right as a London cabby you could but no one else and you had to have a bale of hay in the back. it is an old London bye law.
lancsman, the idea that London hackney carriages (ie black cabs) had to carry a bale of hay [and a sack of oats] isn't actually correct.

The London Hackney Carriage Act 1831 made it an offence for the driver of a hackney carriage to feed his horse in the street except with corn out of a bag or with hay from his hands. However, he wasn't required to carry the corn or hay in his cab.

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