Found 1st Sep 2009
I would like to get some ideas on how much i should try and get for something i wish to sell - is it ok to chat about that in misc?

i only ask as having read the faq etc i couldnt figure out if it was naughty or not......

basically i have around 300-400 DVD's i wish to sell all store purchased over the years and most watched at least once but a fair few are virgins.
reason for selling? they take up 3 big shelfs worth and i never have time to watch them - they range from shakespear in love, through to teen wolf and the rock.
have a fair few box sets of series (SG1 x files etc)
so can i ask in here how much i should be looking for or is it worth selling 1 by 1 ? thats gotta be alot of effort perhaps a car boot should be an option.

would make a good starter collection for anyone

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  1. Misc

i would just list a few and see how you get on? take some good photos, do some fair prices and see if you get much interest etc? i sold a few dvds a few months ago and £2 a dvd seemed to work (90p) to post £1 in paypal. i was happy with that as they sold fast.

hope that helps sorry if not


It's fine to talk about it here and get some ideas on price.

Just be aware that selling them on here though means you'll have to wait 7 days from after this thread is locked.

You'll be better off selling them at a car boot for a couple of quid each.
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