Stupid Question..............But basically to do with Xbox360

    I want o get another xbox360 to use as a media centre in another room in my house. But recently been seeing alot of banned xbox360's go for around £60-£80 quid

    So basically this banned xbox360's will not effect the media centre will it?

    Just the main purpose for me is to use it as a media centre.

    Thanks for the help in advance - Mighty Mugger


    Yes you can, if not built in one (may not work), use Tversity

    Also, you may need it to have the divx update on, as you wont be able too if banned.


    I have a banned one if your interested :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    I have a banned one if your interested :thumbsup:

    How much?


    Thread closed. Do not have these sort of trade discussions within misc. Neither of you may list this item as a request or trade/sale until 7 full days have elapsed.

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