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Found 25th Mar 2010
k so my OH has a job through a recruitment agency and agreed with his work placement to work the bank holiday coming up. when he agreed to do this the recruitent agency said he could either take it off as a holiday, lose a holiday day and get it as a paid holiday or work it for time and a half and keep the paid holiday day for in the future. he opted to work it cos we really want to save holiday days to go away with. Today the stupid ass reruitment agency changed the rules and said if he works it he loses a days holiday (and esentially the pay he would get) so he was really annoyed and tried to not work it but the placement said he already agreed to it so has to work it. Sorry if thats really complicated lol but I want to know before i ring the recruitment agency in the morning if he has a right to keep the extra paid holiday day for a later time as technically these were the terms that were in place when he agreed to work the bank holiday???

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Recruitment agencies are pants.

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vinylandtrinkets;8206950 a look on here, might give you an idea, I think it depends a lot on the contract that was signed when he started with the agency, he should have a copy if not he needs to ask for a copy of the one he signed.When i hired agency staff in the past we never had them on bank holidays as we had to pay the agency double time( which worked out at over £20.00 an hour) and a leu day for the staff

thankyou so much for your help its much appreciated, have some rep
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