Stupid Stupid Paypal

    Got an email saying the 10 tracking numbers they wanted are all invalid and they want them again.

    After another 30 minutes on hold, got through to a nice Irish guy who doesnt understand the message himself as the system just shows as invalid tracking number and not which one! and says just to email them!

    I then said to him the tracking numbers shown on the site link to not and he agrees maybe this is the problem but still to email saying this with copys of the tracking numbers!


    I scanned all mine,put them on A4 sheets,there was a few things I couldn't do like I sent some belt on normal mail cos sold only for a few quid and it was used anyway,so then I printed them all and faxed them in. Write on the piece of paper that the tracking numbers can be tracked on dhl uk.
    Must be costing you a fortune in calls,I can't be bothered calling Paypal,too many options and most of them take you to an automated service.
    Hang in there anyway...
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