stupidly priced games at supermarkets!

I've just seen sonic and the secret rings for WII at tesco priced at £34.99 !!!1 thats £5 more than mario galaxy!
Has anyone else seen overpriced tat at supermarkets?


I think the problem with supermarkets is whilst they occasionally offer some cracking deals on selected games and the 'baseline' price (£39.99) is lower than Game/Gamestation, they dont actually have a clue on how good/bad a game is. So when outlets like Shopto and Play are discounting **** games down to £20 and below, supermarkets are still selling at around that base price still.

Dont knock em though, I buy all new eleases at Tesco/Asda because theives like Game will still sell 360 games at £50.

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yeah i agree, tesco sell guitar hero for £40 but i just amuses me, they need someone to advise them.....

DVD are often expensive at supermarkets...some at £16 for a DVD!!!!



DVD are often expensive at supermarkets...some at £16 for a DVD!!!!

I've found that new 'chart' dvds are usually cheaper in supermarkets (specifically Asda) when they are released. But after that they're usually standard price ie Expensive.
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