Stuttering Windows Media Player

    On my new PC, I have copied all my music onto the hard drive, but when I play a lot of the songs stutter whilst they play! It can't be the CD, as they are being played off of the hard drive - any ideas what the problem may be and how to solve it?!

    Any help would be much appreciated, Stufai


    Get rid of the Gareth Gates album you got on it or listen to something else... :whistling:

    Sorry...I have no idea!

    try a defrag of the hard drive that your songs are on, or try messing about with the settings for your audio devices under control panel

    mine sometimes stutters when i am multi tasking and the applications are quite demanding try using a different media player

    This ]link might help. I'm assuming you are using vista

    5400rpm hdd running a loaded xp or vista will do it

    Vista im assuming?? Mine does that and a colleague at work had the same problem and he had to replace his sound card

    Try a different media player to start with, VLC maybe ([url][/url] I think).

    Running up to date sound drivers? I know your PC is new but sometimes they are shipped running older drivers.

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    This ]link might help. I'm assuming you are using vista

    That has helped - thank you very much!
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