Found 13th Mar 2008
Looking for a cheap laptop for my aged Mother sub £200 for a little surfing and word processing.

Thanks in advance


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If you get one without an operating system it will drop the price by quite a bit.

if you install ubuntu (or xubuntu which runs very efficient code to make older machines run faster - you could probably spend even less).

Both use firefox as the main browser - and open office or star office (which you can run on windows too to see if you like them).

Ubuntu updates automatically - and 99.9% of spyware and viruses are written for windows - so she is less likely to do something to it that you will need to fix.

Just download it and burn it onto a CD.

It is a 'live' CD - so you can run ubuntu from your CD/DVD drive without installing it to see what you think of it too.

Happy to discuss it more or help etc of you need more details.

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Thanks ibiza - looks interesting

Looking for a cheap laptop for my aged Mother

Not so sure that thats a fair swap


Looking for a cheap laptop for my aged MotherNot so sure that thats a … Looking for a cheap laptop for my aged MotherNot so sure that thats a fair swap

now, if it was mother in law that would be a different matter!!! :roll:

You'll struggle to get something brand new for this money, I wouldnt recommend anything that I've seen for much less than £300 (I've seen some around the 275 mark that you could get away with)

I'd take a look at some refurbished units: - preferably something thats been refurbed by the manufacturer and take a careful look at the warranty: you sometimes see refurbs with a full year's warranty (same as most new laptops) most have 6 months, the worst have just 3. I always like to read a little into this, and think that the warranty reflects confidence and how its going to last: - in other words avoid the 3 monthers

I've had a quick look around, and didn't see anything I could really recommend, I'm afraid: - it may be worth waiting a short while, I'd have usually expected to find at least a couple of decent refurb deals
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