Sub £300 laptop

    I have a dual core pc at home which is pretty highly spec'd so just need a really basic laptop.

    Just wanted for surfing net in the lounge as I'm too lazy to keep walking to the computer room.

    Only requirement is wireless.

    What can you guys find me? :-D


    The DSG refurbs, which I wouldn't touch with a bargepole due to all the invitable problems they'll have, at £280 only ones I can think of.

    At that price i'd be tempted to look for 2nd hand ones, or if ur v lucky another rare £299 Dell deal might appear.

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    Fair do's. I dont mind spending a little bit more to get a decent one, it just doesnt need to be highly spec'd.

    I have seen this laptop in Macro at £299.00 plus VAT, what I would like to know is- Is it any good?:?
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    I'm not too keen on sitting on the sofa with a laptop on my lap, always thought having a nokia tablet would be quite cool, eg the Nokia 770 or the N800

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    Too small. I just wanna get on Facebook and do the odd bit of surfing while watching TV. I have a coffee table that I can use as well to put it on and plug sockets right next to the sofa.

    You alright with Vista? Or would you prefer XP?


    You alright with Vista? Or would you prefer XP?

    I'd stick to an xp machine on a budget lappy!

    This one has Vista, I'll do an XP search though: LINK
    HP 530 Celeron M 410 - £298.98

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    I'm not against vista but would prefer XP due to performance.

    I'm really tempted to get a Dell Vostro for £400 but wanna get it on credit really. i can afford to shell out £400 but would rather pay installments as saving for a house. Do Dell to interest free credit?

    You'd have 45-60days, depending on your card to pay off the balance until minimum payments/interest starts to accrue.

    Buy the £400 on credit card, pay £300 onto the card as soon as you've got the laptop, add another £100 after your next pay cheque?

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    Would rather a 6 months interest free option or something though as I could easily swallow those payments without effecting my savings. Also I dont really NEED a laptop as I have a high spec'd PC, so I'm finding it hard to just shell out £400 for one. £50 odd a month is no worries and my conscience will be clear! :o)

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    Cool - cheers. Looks good but under powered for Vista unfortunatley. Why do they put vista on machines with 512mb ram?? 1gb isnt even enough really.
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