Sub £400 Laptop - emphasis on battery life

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Found 26th Aug 2008
Hi, title says it all really, I'm looking to spend around £400 ish obviously want reasonable specs with Vista, but my main concern is battery life as it will be used mostly for word processing, web browsing etc.

Thanks loads everyone!


can buy a pc battery for 97p from PCWORLD


can buy a pc battery for 97p from PCWORLD

lol for some specific hp laptops only surely?

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Yes, but not having a laptop yet kind of renders that null doesn't it?

I have a couple of quite high spec laptops for sale, looking for offers of around £300.
3 month old boxed acer with recovery discs & manuals.
Spec AMD Athlon 64 1.8ghz dual core, 2gb ram, 120gb hdd, 15.4, nvidia, dl dvdrw, vista home premium.
Unboxed 6 month old compaq.
Core2duo 1.8ghz, 2gb ram, 120gb hdd, 15.4, dl dvdrw, vista premium.
Both have all the usual ports with high speed wireless, the acer is in new condition & the compaq has been used a bit more.

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Hmm not really looking for second hand, but thanks for the input, I've been looking at a Dell Inspiron 1525 - which seems to have pretty decent reviews, looks like I should be able to get this spec - pcpro.co.uk/lab…tml - for a little under £400 through the Dell Outlet.

Opinions anyone? I know the Outlet means it's a refurb but I've had multiple PCs through it before and they always look and act as new & come with warranty.
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