Sub £100 phone with better spec than my Redmi 7a?

Posted 11th Dec 2022
My last 2 phones have all been bought using HotUKDeals advice and deals.

•Moto G300
•Redmi 7a

I'm now looking for a replacement and have looked at Redmi 10 and 10c. I Bought My missus the Oppo A16s to replace her Redmi 7a because she needed NFC for her new diabetes patch app and I'm not that impressed to be honest.

Is there anything out there to blow it away? (I might even stretch to £120 if there's a huge difference)
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    damn the redmi 10c is £150 now
    need to wait til after xmas for black friday prices again
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    Make sure you check how long any cheap phone has security updates for.
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    Cheers but the camera gets panned a bit in the reviews and only slow charging. I don't need 5G (I don't think) so I'm looking for summat better and I would stretch to a price that doesn't exceed £100 layout (I'm assuming I'd get £35 for my mint 7a) so £140 would be the limit
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