Sub £150 lightweight cordless vacuum with cheap battery replacements?

Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 41 m ago)
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a cordless vac that has decent performance on carpets and is lightweight to make the job less cumbersome for us elderly folk.

I don't mind buying a cordless vac with barely adequate battery life as long as I don't have to shell out £100ish quid for a spare when doing the whole house.

Really only want to spend 30ish quid for a spare battery. Anyone found the holy grail or can recommend a couple of vacuums that fit the bill?

Many thanks
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    If you can get batteries that cheap, they won't last and you'll be replacing them regularly as the chemistry inside will be cheap and nasty, with little to no protection circuitry against things like overcharge or overheating.

    If you get a good appliance in the first place you'll not have to replace the batteries as long as you look after them.

    I Have a Beko vacuum cleaner that I got years ago from AO, still going strong with use every other day and battery still has more than enough power to do the entire 2 storey, 3 bedroom house, and still have enough spare to go and clean out my car. You can snap it out to use as a handheld cleaner, or fold it out to be used as an upright cleaner with a powered brush bar which is great on carpets.…spx
    This was extremely helpful, thanks so much. 60 mins run time, lightweight-ish, decent brand, removable handheld cleaner for £76 brand new off ebay, seems like a bargain to me. Guess we'll have to see!
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