subaru / scooby 2000 sport wheels and tryes?

    hi people this may be along shot?
    had my mot done saturday and great it past. but they told me one trye is slighty bold on the edge but been told with it being 4wheel drive you cant just changeone trye you have to do them all, so ok i have box standed 15" but one garage says these day 17" tryes are just as cheap as 15s so im after a set of alloys 17s with or with out tryes but if tryes are on they must be new. so guys how much do you think i could be looking?
    garage quoted me on mid range tryes 205 40 17v around £200set. alloys ? any ideas before i go ahead and by?
    any deals at any garages?
    anyone got any local? ng17 area

    please let me no if you can help thanks

    nottingham ng17


    well, alot of companies that does aftermarket wheels inc tyres in the equation. they vary hugely depending on style and brand. Picked up a Max Power magazine last night to have a gander (didnt buy tho) and they have an alloy wheels catalogue in there for free. perhaps thats might tickle your fancy? theres also MANY adverts which cover these once you find one you like. Buying from internet isnt overly compliecated either, £25 for del charge normally for alloys and tyres.
    If you want cheap and cheerful. Perhaps ebay or local halfords. but it might make your car look a bit chavveh..

    something else to add.
    # look for the PCD and clearance of hub (offset) I'll grab you a link which explain which wheels will fit in a sec.
    ## couldnt find webby but apparently yours is 5x100 et45
    5= nmber of holes
    100 = PCD
    et 45 = the offset between it and the hub
    Must get the 5x100 correct, i think et45 it can be a little more or little less, anyone correct me if im wrong. But before you buy ASK and make sure. lol you can get adaptors etc to fit anything to anything nowadays but its generally safer to stick with standard sizing imo.
    # Insurance
    # putting a comma after each word in your tag separates each word. HTH

    Edit again: LOL after all that i didnt answer your question! gah..
    think for ~£300 you can get budget alloys with tyres (halfords jobby possibly and what not)
    ~£400 alloys only your starting to look @ some nice ones. some even have tyres inc.
    ~£500-600+ alloys only, possible ones that actually are lightweight and does improve handling aswell as looking good.

    You could just change 2 tires, you dont HAVE to change all 4, that a daft thing to say.

    It depends on how fast you drive it and how much you rely on the 4WD, and the current amount of tread you have on the fronts comapred to new rears

    I also don't agree with the price of tyres being the same, between 15s and 17s. Maybe a set of budgets will be, but if your worried about having to change 4 tyres instead of the 2 then obviously grip is important and budgets are not the way to go.

    Keep an eye out on Scooby forums and FleaBay for some genuine Scooby rims, providing its for the same year the PCD and and all measurments should be the same.

    I bought a set of 17s for my Scoob for £200 including tyres off fleabay, and they are mint.

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    thanks both of you. i have saw set alloys stand scooby 17" gun metal £80 but it tryes quote £45 each on tryes i think good.


    thanks both of you. i have saw set alloys stand scooby 17" gun metal £80 … thanks both of you. i have saw set alloys stand scooby 17" gun metal £80 but it tryes quote £45 each on tryes i think good.

    Sounds good to me, remember you can get alloys refurbished for £15 each still works out cheaper than a budget set from Halfords

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    alloys refurbished for £15 each
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