Last time i brought Subbuteo it was like 20 years ago.
    My son has asked for one for christmas. But there are loads of them.
    Whats the new ones?
    I take it you dont press their heads now either.
    I want a Liverpool set to add to it. But on ebay they have all numbers next to them.
    I'm so confussed.
    Help please.


    Unless I am mistaken,dont think you ever pressed their heads-that was a different football game,but Im struggling to remember the name of it-subbuteo is "flick to kick"

    Best just to buy a basic set and then add the teams as you go along once you know they like it-a few spare men wont go amiss as they break pretty easy-the player bases are strong,but the bodies arent.

    Wasn't the one where you press the heads called Super Striker? Aaah, happy days !!!

    Original Poster

    Ahhhh thats why I'm confused then init!
    I remember there legs used to drop off.
    Where's best place to get basic set then?

    To be honest I think your best bet is probably Ebay

    yeah subbuteo is the one that you flick, there was another where the players had magnetic bases and you pushed the heads down to pass the ball....

    Ebay should have hundreds or try the link above.
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