Subs on divx films

    how do you play subtitles on films?
    i have some but dont know how to have subs on them


    Depends on what software or device you are trying to play the divx with - can you explain which device or software you are trying to play with.

    you can burn them onto a dvd if you convert it or if you have dropped them into the divx folder then vlc will play them-just make sure both files(movie and subs) have the same title-i.e. rename the movie to "movie" and the subs to "" and put em in same folder.

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    im just using windows media but can use something better

    Use media player classic or VLC.


    use vlc then right click > video > open subtitle from file > browse to subtitles.

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    thanks, iv just downloaded vlc and going to try it now!

    Yup VLC is the best media player to use, it's easy, fast and plays almost all video/audio file types!
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