Subscribing to a thread- ALL SORTED -MODS PLEASE CLOSE

    I have been using HUKD for ages but have never subscribed to a thread, I was reading a thread earlier and kept going back to it to see if anyone else had posted, so I thought if I subscribe to it I can just click back to it quickly without having to search for it every time but I can't see anything about where I go to view subscribed threads or did I totally get the wrong end of the stick and that's not what it's for?!

    Help Me !!!!

    p.s. I couldn't decide whether this was a misc or a feedback so MODS please move if I got it wrong


    If you click on control panel at the time it shows your subscribed threads, also you can change your settings to allow every thread you type in to be automatically subscribed

    And you can have emails sent to you when someone has posted

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, found it and the thread I subscribed to was there :thumbsup:
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