Subscription to Sky via Quidco


intend to subscribe to sky tv + phone + broadband.

at quidco, the note states
Please read the following before proceeding:

* This is for NEW customer sales bought online only. This offer is not available direct through Sky or through the call centers or retailers. Sky will be unable to assist you with any queries relating to your Quidco cashback.

In certain cases you may not be able to complete your subscription online, so before counting on the cashback, please check that their sign up process will work for you. This will only track if it is completed online, from start to finish.

Ex Sky customers can't purchase online
People who live in flats of 6 or more can't order online
Pubs/clubs etc can't order online either. Domestic customers only.

i want to ask
1. i am on a bt line at the moment, for the sake of having my quidco tracked, can i go to sky via quidco and order all 3 products online, or do i have to cancel my bt line with bt first or what?

2. what else shall i do/not-do in the whole process to maximise the chance to have quidco tracked? for example, clear cookies before get onto quidco site.

thanks a lot.


Sky use the BT phone line so no cancelling there, if you are with a call package on BT, Sky will tell them you are moving over so no hassle

Original Poster

thanks robotochan.

but i forgot to mention the existing bt line is under one's name and the-open-sky-package will be under someone else's name.

will the situation still be the same?

otherwise which is the best and safest way to act?

thanks again.
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