Subsidence/Settlement Home Insurance Wording

Posted 11th Jul 2021
Hi all,

We are currently starting to investigate possible settlement/subsidence in our home with some major cracks.

I tried to check if my home insurance would cover any costs and I've attached what it says. Really hard to work out what exactly it means.

We moved in in February and there was no mention of subsidence/settlement cracks in our Home Report (similar to the Survey for other parts of the UK).

I don't think for a minute that insurance companies will just hand out cash.... So when it says "we will pay for the loss or damage to your buildings or contents as a result..." What does that mean? They won't pay for preventative work but will pay for repointing for example?

It also says they won't pay for subsidence that occurred prior to the start of the policy. How do they work this out?

Thank you!
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