Posted 9th Oct 2019
Please note all stores are franchises so may not have the same prices!!! That being said, I’ve noticed that both the subways I’m near through the week have slashed the price of a cup drink since I last checked to 70p. This makes it very cheap for a quick drink and then refill to take with you. There’s no reduction for getting it added to a sub anymore (used to be 50p) but a very good deal in an age of ever increasing prices!
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    They all junk sweetner crap?
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    Anonymous User
    Gumbon09/10/2019 14:04

    They all junk sweetner crap?

    Yep, Pepsi Max only, I believe.
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    Take a closer look
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    AW007909/10/2019 15:17

    🔕 💡 .

    Your emojis too small can't make out the first one
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    70p? You'd have to pay me more than that to drink Pepsi Max
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    £1.19 in my local Subway but 70p for hot chocolate. I always get the Pepsi Max for free anyway with the survey as if I go to Subway I'm usually buying a sandwich