Subway points stolen? The fudge sticks!

Posted 14th Feb
I look at my app and see 1,000 points get deducted at a date and location that wasn’t me? How low can you go to steal people’s subway points! Has this happened to anyone here? If so, did you do anything about it and what? I don’t see the point in collecting points if all it’s going to resort to is getting stolen. It’s happened to me once before too. Thanks.
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Contact Subway, they'll usually issue the points to your account when they go missing (they have for me in the past). Also, it would be best to change your password immediately
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Happened to my brother with KFC, I'm wondering if it's a pretty common occurrence

Edit: My brother's replying to me via Facebook Messenger - (we're in Glasgow)

Happened twice, both from same restaurant in London. Bet nothing said to the staff.

He suspects it could have been staff who did it!
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happened to me with subway - my email was compromised by myfitnesspal and i was silly enough to forget to change the password on a couple of sites i didnt use often - subway being one so off someone went with my points in Croydon when I live in Scotland
These accounts are being cracked and then being sold so people can use your points/rewards.
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