Subway sandwich offer??

    I passed a Subway in Streatham last night and briefly spotted World Cup posters saying bogof sandwich between 5pm and 10pm (I think!)...

    As I'm not sure of the details, dates etc I didn't want to post it in Hot Deals yet...

    Anyone else heard of this promotion? It's not on their site...


    Rang my local subway and they said that they have an offer on now where you buy a Drink for £1 and a subway sandwich and you get a free sandwich. Between 4PM and 10PM.


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    thanks for that ducky, ur a star!

    but what's HTH?? high-test hypochlorite?? lol


    Hope that helps = HTH.

    I heard the subway stamps vouchers are stopping too, anyone know about this?

    Yes, the stamps are stoping in most of the franchised out lets at the end of this month.


    Because of the thefts of the stamps from stores as well as counterfeit fake stamps and cards being sold on eBay have resulted in the scheme being stopped.

    It was withdrawn from the USA earlier this year

    F*@&$%s!! Some people just have to spoil things for everyone else.

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    hope they start a different promotion soon...

    nice to b back on hotuk btw!

    Where did you go Slinks?

    Is that a definite, the stopping of the Stamps?

    I have 2 and a ½ cards. Will have to get 'Sub-waying'!!

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    Where did you go Slinks?

    to malaysia... gorgeous, loved it, planning to go back again in december!!!

    Lucky you! Good to have you back


    100% official that its being stoped on June 30th - although some stores stoped it on June 1

    Thanx Fordy, hopefully mine still accept them....

    i went to Subway in London in March asking for stamps for my purchase, and they said they don't do it anymore.

    so i thought they has stopped doing it for a while. i am not sure the real policy, when that is in fact finished or is going to finish.

    Yep, they have defo finished them and in some stores already removed the stamp machine

    Got this offer today.

    Buy a six inch sub and a medium drink and get another 6 inch sub for FREE!! It's between 4PM and 10PM. The drink costs £1 and sandwich prices start at just £1.90. Cheapest sandwich free, sub of the day isn't included.

    It was lovely. They gave us large drinks by accident. Silly them... oh well. :roll:

    Hehe you probably looked like a duck out of water

    They gave us large drinks by accident. Silly them... oh well

    Thanks for the info ducky

    I have also seen offers of a free drink between 4 and 10pm, can't fully remember the offer. I think it was when you buy any size sub.
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