Subwoofer for Home Cinema Set-up

    Does anyone know of any good Subwoofer deals out there?! Ideally at or below £200?

    Thanks crew


    I know it’s a bit over your budget but if you can stretch to £279.00 you may want to consider a BK XLS200…htm

    It regularly gets rave reviews on AV Forums and should suit most small to medium sized rooms. BK allegedly makes subs on behalf of some of the ‘prestige’ names out there.

    At £50 less there is also the Mordaunt Short 309 in maple or silver for £229.95 at Richersounds. Reportedly quite good, but not as good as the BK XLS200.…MAP

    As with most things in life you tend to get what you pay for with subs, especially if you push them hard. I would be cautious about going too low in price. If £200 is your absolute limit you may be better off looking at the second hand market and getting something decent.

    It would help if you could give a bit more detail about your current set up and the size of room.

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    Excellent, thanks for that.

    I put in an order for a Monitor Audio ASW-100 but I think I can probably now cancel this if it's not the one to go for (£223 via Quidco, seems to get good reviews). I have a Yamaha 757 SE amp, the room size is "pretty small" and I thought the Monitor Audio Sub would compliment the Bronze Centre I have. Thanks again, would appreciate any follow up on the Monitor Audio vs. the BK!

    I have Monitor Audio Bronze B4 floorstanders and centre and was seriously considering getting the ASW-100 to compliment them tonally. You’re right it did get a good write up and £223 is a good price, (don’t forget the interconnect cable though, it’s included with the BK).

    You’d probably be happy with the ASW100 but I think you would notice improved sound quality with the BK. The Monitor Audio sub only has a 120W amplifier, compared with a 275W in the BK so it may not be as composed when put under a heavy load. The side by side comparisons that I’ve read had the BK significantly ahead.

    Hope this helps, let me know how you get on. Happy shopping.

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    Does the BK Subwoofer have an auto turn off facility? One of my hates regarding my current sub is the low hum it produces when the power is on...! Thanks
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