Such sad news from the Caribbean

Found 7th Sep 2017
Hurricane Irma: massive damage across Caribbean as death toll rises to 10

For the first time in seven years, there are currently three active hurricanes in the Atlantic:

  • The category-five Irma, on course over Turks and Caicos, toward the southern Bahamas, and south Florida;
  • The category-one Katia, gaining strength but stationary in the Gulf of Mexico;
  • The category-one Jose, on a tentative path back toward Barbuda, Antigua, and Puerto Rico – the islands’ second hurricane in three days.
More than a million people in Puerto Rico still lack power, the AP reports, accounting for about 70% of the territory’s Electric Power Authority. There are about 3.4 million people on the island.

Community Updates
Still not been able to communicate with family in Barbados, the hurricane might not of hit the island. But it sure does have a nasty ripple effect on other islands.
I think we often forget how lucky we are in this country in terms of avoiding natural disasters with high death tolls.
And theres another one right behind it.This may turn out to be the worst hurricane season yet ?
Did you see that clown Murnahan on Sky "News" telling the British Virgin Islands that as their per head incomes are higher than Britains they shouldn't expect help from Britain ?
He mans unbelievable, all that Botox must have gone straight to his brain cell?
Hurricane Irma will "devastate" either Florida or neighbouring states, the head of the US federal emergency agency has said.

Brock Long said parts of Florida would be without power for days. Half a million people in the state have been ordered to leave their homes.

Hurricane Irma has left a trail of destruction in the Caribbean, affecting an estimated 1.2m people.

At least 20 people are known to have died so far.

It has been downgraded to a category four storm, but officials warn that it remains "extremely dangerous".

The US National Weather Service says that Irma was expected to bring wind speeds of around 165mph (270km/h) over the weekend as it hits Florida.

"Hurricane Irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the United States in either Florida or some of the south-eastern states," Mr Long said.

"The entire south-eastern United States better wake up and pay attention," he added.

Just watched a video online and the Sea has disappeared

Someone has replied stating that it's returning slowly

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