Suggest a place to visit in the UK!

Found 7th Oct 2008
I need a break. I cant fly out anywhere as I dont have holidays but can get away for a day or two ont eh weekend. Was thinking of going to Scotland (Im in London) but its a long drive and i might not be able to spend too much tim there as it will be a sort trp. other potentials ...

stone henge
lake district

anyone know wheres a good place to visit at this time of the year ? I am after scenary and just a relaxing time. I just need a break from society!


Just dont get a Nose Bleed once you get past Watford with all the fresh air and all that :P...

but out of the three you said i would go for Lake District... but being a northern monkey i would say that

centre parcs

I'd agree with saveuk on this........lake district probably your best bet for a get away from it all short break


West Wales if fab when there's few tourists. Loads of small intimate barn conversions of cottages, and a good price this time of year. Oh yes don't take the first price offered, remind them that there's loads availabla and the timing is nera to xmas, etc.



city of culture
greatest football team ever - 2 days just going round trophy room:-D
good shops - better prices than down south :thumbsup:
cheaper taxis
etc etc...




* Insert some sterotypical text here


:giggle:* Insert some sterotypical text here

Eh, Are you starting?


A B&B near here…=14

Durdle Door near lolworth, Weymouth, fantastic, the fresh air off the coast will fill your heart :thumbsup:


Eh, Are you starting?

I would but im sure they have heard it all before. :-D

plus the place i was dragged up was not much better :oops:


I would but im sure they have heard it all before. :-Dplus the place i … I would but im sure they have heard it all before. :-Dplus the place i was dragged up was not much better :oops:

Don't worry, i'm welsh so i get it in spades. I just learned to dish it out thicker and deeper:thumbsup:

Couldn't you fly to Scotland - surely much quicker than driving, then rent a car ...

Newquay, beautiful, i'm off there at end of the month, some of the scenery is breathtaking

Might be a bit breezy tho x

Original Poster

thank you chaps and chapesses

Newquay seems to be more of a summery place as its got some v nice looking sandy beaches.
Lake district still looks like a good choice to me!
Liverpool - thanks but no thanks :P
wales - been there many times already. Nice place though, no doubt.

i would tell you to go to belfast , great sites,and plenty of places to visit outside belfast with superb scenery and the city itself has all been completly regenerated and is really beautiful check out nitb website

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thanks guys !

how about a drive round the cotswolds....... nice little pubs and the cotswold lakes for walks .......... most of all ......... mostly free .......... you got water skiiing places & hiking areas etc ......

id suggest swansea but the weathers not appropiate so id go for lake district.
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