Suggest Christmas themed films please

Looking to get some films together for Christmas time so we don't have to rely on the tv listings.

Home Alone
Die Hard


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

(can watch these anytime for a laugh actually)

The Santa Clause.

Scrooged, Scrooge.. a bit girly but Bridge Jones and The Family Stone feel a bit Christmassy to me! Theres a few Christmas specials I like, like One Foot in the Grave, Steptoe, Till death us do part etc. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation is a fave of mine!

It's a Wonderful Life

Miracle on 34th street

The Holiday
Love Actually
Happy Feet

A Christmas Carol

i love deck the halls ! all the santa clauses and home alones got my xmas movie list for the whole of december lol oo and elf !

miracle on 34th street, the original or It's a Wonderful Life, they are oldies but goodies.

Elf, zooey deschanel
The Snowman
muppets christmas carol
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Jingle all the way

bad santa

Shrek is christmassy ... a lil...

Notting Hill
Love actually
Nightmare on elm street

Edit: I might mean miracle on 34th street not nightmare on elm street? Lol, its something like that anyway.

Definitely It's a Wonderful Life
what about White Christmas that's a classic

another vote for its a wonderful life here-especially the new bluray version-stunning!

muppets christmas carol as well

I didn't even realize it was her! I thought her face looked a little familiar though! Im quite surprised.. mustve been the blonde/light hair! Thanks for that! lol


miracle on 34th street, the original or It's a Wonderful Life, they are … miracle on 34th street, the original or It's a Wonderful Life, they are oldies but goodies.Elf, zooey deschanel <3The Snowmanmuppets christmas caroljaws

Another vote for Its a Wonderful Life too.. Not the colour version though, could never get used to that one!

Oh, and Polar Express (for the lil guy)!
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Muppets Christmas Carol
Jingle All The Way
Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 one)
Home Alone


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Christmas just isn't Christmas without

Home alone
Jingle all the way
Love Actually
The Santa Clause
Miracle on 34th Street
The Goonies

Probably a few more, but watch these every year. Four Christmases wasn't terrible, nor was bad santa

Anybody any idea when Elf is on Channel 4? Hopefully it's 2 weeks today as that's when we put the tree up

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Thanks guys keep them coming

Santa Paws

Flint Street Nativity and The Worst Christmas of My Life.

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Any more guys??
Thanks so far

dont forget a christmas story - yule shoot your eye out
jingle all the way/all i want for christmas = not so good but good in a christmas kind of way
my fave at the mo = elf
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