Suggested Book to help elderly parent grasp 'the internet' - HELP PLEASE

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Looking for some guidance on which Self Help Book to buy! We've bought my father in law a Laptop for Christmas. He is completely new to PCs. We've bought an Acer One Netbook for him (running on Linux operating system).

The Internet for Dummies book does not receive good reviews and so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good book to help him understand some of the concepts of the internet. Has to be REALLY REALLY easy to understand, no jargon and easy to read. Any help really would be appreciated!

Best wishes - look forward hearing from you!



maybe your local library or council have some free classes, is he OAP?

You could try ]these 4, aimed at children but easy to grasp

I havent read one before but these come recommended in the reviews:…s_t…top

Also if he has any questions no matter how basic send him over to [url][/url] and we will gladly help.

I would recommend any off the "Dummies" series of books. Everything explained in simple English not jargon and all library's should have copies.

Dummies books are a great ,simple help

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maybe your local library or council have some free classes, is he OAP?

THANKS for the reply - he is OAP yes, but my mother in law, his wife, suffers from dementia and so getting so classes will prove impossble. I'll have a look at what they've got and some of the suggested books.

Thanks so much for the reply

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