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this is my first posting to HUKD after months of lurking. You guys have saved me loads of money through the various deals you post here - thanks to you all!!

Ok to the subject in hand. I have just started a small business creating animal sculptures for people and I need to find a decent courier to send the completed pieces by. The problem I am finding is that most couriers won't cover things like ceramics for accidental damage duirng transit, so if things get damaged I will have to remake and replace for the client out of my own pocket. Everything will be really well packaged and indicated that it is fragile, but I just know at sometime something is going to get damaged.

Can anyone please suggest a decent reasonably priced courier who will provide me with an insured delivery?



P.S. I hope I put this in the right section



If your a business don;t use the above..get yourself an account...I have accounts with DHL and Citylink although only ever use DHL....they charge about £6 per parcel but gets cheaper when you use them more, you need to have delivered a min of 10 parcels a year to open an account, they even provide all the stationary etc...Ring DHL and they'll send a rep to your house to discuss it with you


Oh and I doubt very much you'll find cover for ceramics...just spend at decent amount of money on decent packaging


any luck with the courier


I think that came from my random senditnow post i did.
Yeah senditnow and parceltree seem good to me!!

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Not as yet - seems like Zootaga was right about not finding cover for ceramics. I'll probably take you suggestion and try ezdelivery - I sent them an email asking about it - just waiting for a response...


Glass / Ceramic / Marble / China / Stone / Resin - (or any item containing these materials)

= Items that can be shipped but with limited liabilty.

Any of these items being sent will be subject to limited liabilty. No claim for damage will be accepted. Only claims for loss will be considered, subject to packaging.
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