Suggestion for DS Games

I have finally let my DD get a DS for her birthday so needing some suggestions for suitable games, she will be 6 on her birthday.

Looking for ones that are educational, and maybe some help on where to get them at a decent price



i dont know much about it but mine has a rav4 bought by a friend. He adds games. We have all the educational ones but he still ends up on mario
He likes all the braintraining ones and hes 8

Any of the My Sims games

Any of the Imagine games, i.e Imagine Teacher

Any of the Mario games
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Mine likes the dora and hello kitty ones

My 6yr old is crazy about the Zhu Zhu pets one at the moment,

others she likes are

cooking mama

Hello kitty

Animal crossing

I did it Mum Spelling

Fashion designer / dressing up ones

Jigsaw puzzle games


She also loves Icarly, Sonny with a chance, Jonas, Hannah montana etc,
but some of it is too hard for her and i have to end up doing bits for her as these type of games have a lot of reading and although she is a great reader for her age the words can sometime be difficult for younger kids in games like that.

The 'I Did it Mum' games are ace, Peppea Pig too
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