suggestion for scalextric?

Posted 17th Dec 2019

My 8y old son has Scalextric in his wishlist .. there are several versions but I have no idea ☹ can you please suggest what options do we have and if there is any good deal ?

Thanks a lot !!!
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Don't go for the Junior or Micro Scalextric as they are pretty poor quality and not as robust as the original version. Cheaper sets are probably better for younger kids as the cars tend to get a lot of damage due to excessive speed (although some controllers now have max speed settings on them).
From similar personal experience I’d start with a Junior set to see how he treats it. My son is a train enthusiast and after growing out of Thomas Trackmaster asked for Hornby sets. As he has extensive knowledge of trains he wanted specific locomotives (Mallard, Scotsman, Eurostar etc), I spent over £100 on each set and some of them he’s not treated great. I really wish now I’d have bought him the Paddington and Junior Hornby sets first to see how he got on with them, as they are around £30, and then progressed onto more expensive sets.
I bought a star wars scalextric, it had a bit of a battle element to it. You could knock each others cover off. it was this one but its a few years old now…JRS
"suggestion for scalextric?"

I suggest they make a special set & call it "Anorexics' Asymmetric Dyslexic Scalextric".

Imagine the publicity they'd generate!
Beatles ?
39417605-TtAWu.jpgon second thoughts that would be cruel
Wongy11017/12/2019 15:54

Beatles ?[Image] on second thoughts that would be cruel

Not if they were driving...

Buy the one with the longest track... then add more track
The 1:32 size standard sets not the micro one.

Although the sets are quite expensive for small tracks. But you can always add to it.
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