Suggestions for a cabinet suitable for an XBOX360?

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Found 9th Nov 2007

Does anyone know if there are any cabinets (glass/wood) - even if I have to customize it, that might help make the XBOX360 sound a little (ok preferably a LOT) less noisy - but at the same time not cause it to overheat? Also I don't know what materials the wireless controllers work through, that might also be an issue.

I'm looking for one that will suite a 32-37" TV sitting on-top, I'm not really fussed what it looks like as long as it has the potential to dampen some of the noise. The 360 is slowly driving me crazy with its annoyingly loud DVD drive but I love the games too much to sell it!

Sorry if it sounds like a slightly odd question but I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks :w00t:

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