Suggestions for a net book

Hi there,
Can anyone recommend / suggest a Net book in the £200-300 price range? Usage would be things like itunes, office programmes, web browsing etc.
Many thanks in advance!


n130 from argos clearance £154- Just wait for it to go down again..


I would second Guyver's suggestion. Argos do a range of reconditoned netbooks and there's generally something around this price. If you're lucky you might even get a deal on a 6-cell battery one, though generally at this price you'll only get a 3-cell.

Do a bit of reading on different models, see which one you like the look of (performance will all be pretty similar though N280's are slightly faster than N270 models) and watch and wait until something you like comes up. A few weeks ago they had a Zoostorm 10.1" one with Win7 Starter and a 250GB HDD at around this price.

A few people have reported getting duff machines in earlier deals and if you do you'll have to deal with the company that does the reconditioning (DJ Henry I think...) rather than Argos directly but most people reported Henry's organised a quick and relatively pain free collection of the defective comp so I don't think you can ask for much more considering the price.

Last week I bought an Asus 1001HA from them for £153 on the basis of colour, (wanted a white one) , general appearance (liked the seashell style) and posts in other confirming it was a good candidate to get running Apple's OSX operating system. It was very clean, worked perfectly and is now running Snow Leopard like a dream.

I've bought two other netbooks for friends through Argos Clearance and both have also been delivered quickly in perfect condition. I have absolutely no ties to the company (or to Henry's) but I can't see why anyone voluteers to pay £80-£100 more to obtain the same 12 month warranty from someone else. My other thought is that loads of people seem to buy netbooks and then decide they are really too small to use comfortably. If I ended up feeling that and I'd paid nearly £300 for mine then I would be seriously gutted!

(But if you were determined to splash some serious cash I'd recommend the Compaq 311c models - quite stylish (IMHO), higher res 11.6" screen, ION graphics (so some some older games will still run quite nicely), HDMI output (which with the ION graphics can output 1080p movies without stuttering), and can take a 2Gig RAM upgrade to 3Gig in total).

Hope this helps.
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