Suggestions for best laptop available for around £350


I'm looking to purchase a laptop for my parents for around £350.00. Please can people suggest the best options?

They will basically use it for the internet/wireless, pictures, word docs, storing mp3's (quite a lot) and using i-pod.

The fastest available at that price the better, as they don't want to have to upgrade in 2 years time.

Any help appreciated.




Look at Tier online, they have refurbished IBM/Lenovo high spec machines for around the
200 mark, refurbished and guaranteed.....and IBM are the best.....imho...Ive ha them for 12 years now,,,,these are duo core with lots of memory, easily handling all you could throw at it....

Sorry, not making any actual suggestions, but if they're going to be storing photo's and mp3 files then a big HDD seems to be the major point. You'd be surprised how quickly photos and music fill up a hard drive, and in the future photo and music files will only get bigger. Any new laptop will be fine for what they want apart from that. Also, go for Windows7 rather than Vista if possible.

You may want to consider buying or suggesting buying a portable hard-drive aswell. They'll not be too happy if they lose all their photos without a backup!

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Been to the Tier website, but they don't seem to have a great selection of laptops at the moment. The best i can see for the price is the Toshiba that everyone is selling at the moment.


Anyone agree/disagree.

Have already suggested External Hard drive.... thought that was a good idea.

I actually have this laptop, which I bought for £400 a month or so ago, been very impressed so far. £380 now and with the convenience of being at Argos so it's easy to return if there's a problem. A bit more than you wanted to spend, but a better spec than the Toshiba at Currys. Note the description is slightly incorrect - it's a T4300 cpu and not a T4200.


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That Asus does look like a great deal for an extra £30.00. I have never owned an Asus, are they reliable?


That Asus does look like a great deal for an extra £30.00. I have never … That Asus does look like a great deal for an extra £30.00. I have never owned an Asus, are they reliable?

Yes they are regarded as being one of the better brands. This is their budget version but I am still impressed by the build quality. The keyboard could be a bit better, but it's still better than lots of other cheap laptops. The only issue I can think of that some people may have is the lack of access for upgrading (No easy access covers for changing/upgrading any components like you get on 99% of laptops). This is not an issue for me as I'd never bother upgrading the cpu and it's already got 4GB of RAM and wireless-n so there's nothing I'd want to upgrade within the expected lifetime of the laptop anyway.

Take a look at ]this deal posted here. Samsung laptop with Intel T4200 processor (or maybe T4300 according to some people who have bought it), 15.6 inch screen, 3GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and Windows 7 = £350.55 using a 5% discount code (REVIEW5). And you might get another £10 off through Quidco. Pretty great deal in my book. I've reserved one to pick up tomorrow.
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