Suggestions for ex-business laptop purchase please.

Found 9th Jan
Hi folks,

I'm after a laptop to replace my old Samsung RV511 and reading from different forums including this one, it sounds as if an ex-business use machine such as one of the better rated Lenovo Thinkpad series might be better than buying a consumer laptop. Also, I don't care much for the aesthetics. Performance, features and specs are my main concerns.

I will be using the laptop mainly for work stuff such as creating and editing Word and other MS documents and heavy internet browsing as I do loads of research and reading online using several tabs. Also, I travel a lot and so the laptop will also be used for watching videos, skyping with friends and colleagues and the odd game. A high quality screen (full HD ideally), webcam and fingerprint readers are therefore highly desired features. I'm also after a reasonably light machine (no more than 1.5kg to 1.6kg due to carrying it around during travel) with an SSD (128gb minimum) and a 5th generation or better intel i processor.

Due to my relatively low budget, (between £450 to £500) I'm happy to compromise on some of these features if the trade off isn't too great. I've found the following on ebay and would appreciate assessments or alternative recommendations by those who know more about computers and technology, please. Much obliged!

Lenovo X1 carbon
another X1 carbon
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