Suggestions for Free or cheap software to auto crop scanned photos ? and/or auto colour black and white photos?

    I have scanned multiple photos at a time but want to seperate these into individual photos. I previously used Gimp with a extentsion (have forgotten how now). I also used a photo shop/ elements program but the results wernt as good as Gimp. ( didnt always separate all photos).
    Can anybody advise anything else free or cheap please ?
    Ps I used a auto colour tool called colorisebot but it disapeared. Ive tried algorithmia but it no where near as good. Any other suggestions for this also please?


    GIMP, that's not an insult it's a freeware program, just google it.
    Whoops, just seen you already tried gimp!
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    Haven't used it, but Googles new photoscan has some good reviews
    link is here
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    Gimp is ideal, and free! Just open your multi-photo document in Gimp, select the rectangle selection tool, then (under View) crop to selection, and (under File) export the result to a single, named, jpeg (or whatever image format you prefer) file in your designated destination folder. Close down this view without saving changes, and return to your original composite to crop out the next one.

    I use
    then image crop

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    Original Poster

    From what I understand the above answers will need me to crop multiple images per scan manually.
    Looks like ill have to work out how to automate Gimp again, I had it automated plus it dealt with screwed images. Rather not have to do this individually as got a lot to get through. Thanks for the input but im hoping for a auto process that chugs through and deals with screwed images and almost touching images etc. ps Google image scan isnt suitable as my phone camera is pretty average, but still come in handy for those photos you cant borrow to scan.
    Please keep suggestions coming though.
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    Just tried photoshop elements divide images and its poor. Found the Gimp script to try again DivideScannedImages
    Works better than elements but still misses some crops. Have to mix a manual method from above list.

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