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Found 9th Apr 2009
I would like to find a laptop similar to the one here
but price is an issue
can anyone suggest something cheaper?
essentials are at least 3gb ram, at least 250gb, bluetooth, card reader, webcam, and at least 15.6"
Not too bothered about the processor and graphics
Not running games, but intend to use photoshop & illustrator.
Thanks guys


My advice if you don't need the power is look lower spec, you can buy a machine with 1gb of ram and add a 2gb stick to the second slot for almost nothing. and don't worry about the card reader unless carrying a little usb adaptor around with you is really too much trouble.

Oh again with the bluetooth, they have those tiny usb adaptors that barely stick out from the socket on DX for like £2!

Seems that product is now out of stock.

Have you used a laptop before? If not then you may find the lower screen quality a problem if you're using it for photoshop-grade work.
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