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Found 21st Dec 2017
I have been drinking Pg tips tea for a long time, now I would like to increase my kitchen cupboard tea selection. I particularly like black tea and I'm after the best quality out there. Any suggestions?
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Yorkshire tea only!
Pretty subjective. There's websites with lots of leaf teas and they can get pretty expensive compared to a builder's brew. I've tried some and they're too weak and fragrant for my simple tastes. I just try various leaf teas from supermarkets and some of them are clearly using the cheapest ingredients (if you see browny orange material that's bits of twig not leaf) but make a good brew for my taste.
There is an Asian tea called wagh bakri.
Generally available on line.
I think it's one of the best kept secrets of Asia.
Russian caravan tea, nice and smoky
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For just a normal cup of tea in a bag, Yorkshire tea is far better than PG tips or tetleys. I heard recently that compares to loose teas though all the rubbish scraggy bits go in tea bags!! So why not go to a specialist tea shop and try a few of their loose teas to see what you like...
Coffee, Bean to cup ;).
.MUFC.1 h, 28 m ago

Coffee, Bean to cup ;).

Yeah, I love coffee too but that is for an other post
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