Suggestions for Xbox players birthday pressie

Our son is 17 soon, he loves his Xbox Live and is a keen gamer, he also likes Rock Band and Guitar hero.
I know he wants Halo Reach and I;ve bought that, but can anyone suggest any things for his Xbox which he might like?
At a loss, so appreciate any help
Thank you very much


Halo Reach is a good start, how long to go? There's a few good games coming out soon. Other than that maybe some cool accessories? custom controllers etc

probs get it cheaper than tht but my OH always using his for xbox live or maybe a themed controller halo ?
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Microsoft Live points (2100 or 4200) - if he plays online you can't go wrong with those (from a mum of 3 boys )

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Get him what every 17 year old tokens and a ****.

that should be w h o r e by the way.


Maybe get him the Beatles guitar or one of the non standard ones
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halo reach

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Thank you everyone will have a look at all of those, his birthday is 1st Oct mcnally32 so wonder whats coming out before that he might like? As I said I pre-ordered Halo Reach which he asked for.

Whats the opinion on the new thing thats a motion controller think its Kinnect or something like that?



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about £70 + Halo Reach
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Games coming out before October 1st, here's a list of the biggest releases for you (:

F1 2010
Dead Rising 2
Fifa 11

That's about it really.

Microsoft Points or an Xbox Live subscription will always go down well.

And Kinect isn't available until November so that's Christmas for you (:


If he is really into online gaming and talks to friends and team mates when playing then he might like a Turtle Beach Headset

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Thank you everyone, the games that are coming out apart from Halo Reach are not really his thing but thanks Blackbox.

I have bought: Halo Reach, Wireless headset, messenger kit, Microsoft points and a new Xbox live sub. for when it runs out. Again thank you all so much

How about some amazing headphones?…8-4

If you could go £140 the X41's are totally wireless.

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.And Kinect isn't available until November so that's Christmas for you (:

Yes, Kinnect has been "mentioned" for Christmas, I wonder if it will be popular?
As far as I can see it won't be usable with any of his present games, so more expense (groan)
He has his eye on some sort of war game that is coming out in November for Christmas, think its Black Ops or something!!

How about a PS3?

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