suggestions on how to get this clean!!!

hi all i have a lamp that has all rubber flowers loads of them where the little lights go though i am trying to clean it as all the clear rubber flowers have gone yellow.i have had them in my kitchen sink now for 1 hour in a mix of bleach and liquid soap and the yellow is not coming off at all.
so my question is does anyone know how i can get these back to being clear.
thanks all.



Was it expensive?

Original Poster

yes it was but that doesnt really answer my question lol.

I think the yellowing is the way the rubber is degrading.

I could be wrong though



yes it was but that doesnt really answer my question lol.

I was thinking that it might be easier to replace it.

If in doubt cillit bang it lol

always works for me

Sounds like a tricky one.

this might help

My fave item for almost anything is cream cleaner such as Cif,if that don't work,i bin it and buy new!

bin it. sounds nasty!

Try some white vinegar


bin it. sounds nasty!

I agree!
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