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Found 17th Oct 2008
I am graduating this year and am attending various job interviews soon for which i will be needing a new suit. But i have no idea what to get. I have been into slaters, house of fraser and moss, but obviously the sales assistants are impartial. I wish to spend a max of 200 for trousers / jacket. Any advice is very much appreciated
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wait for sales b4 you buy unless you an odd size like very short or tall etc.
I personally like a really really dark navy suit, hubby had a beautiful one from moss bros years ago
what i have seen so far includes cerutti suits from moss or a ted baker from slaters menswear. My main problem is that i dont think i am able to tell which is good value or if i am paying over the odds for what im getting, Obviously as a student im shelling out quite a bit for a suit so dont want to make a rash decision
Check out the cheap Primark stores. Their £25 suits look OK for three months then they start to look tatty.
Im going to need a suit for a job (if i get through the interviews) so would probably need to spend my entire budget of £200. Its just a case of finding which stores are good to go (in terms of value etc) to and what sort of brand (if this is important) to get
i was wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether ebay is a good place to look? i know sizing will probably be wrong, but i could always get it adjusted
If you're quite young then I think a pinstripe suit would be the way to go. It's worth considering a washable suit too. Until you know you will be wearing a suit regularly there is little point in spending a lot of money on one.

Keep it simple, get a dark grey pinstripe from Marks and Spencer, should cost you about £130. Great quality and wash really well (if it's the washable option obviously!)

You can look at the higher end of the range when you need it regularly and want to make a statement (and you are actually earning cash!)

I have several M&S washable suits I wear daily. If I have a really important meeting then I wear my Ted Baker Endurance suit Hope that helps
have you looked in debenhams or house of fraser sales???

15% off voucher for moss bros is being sold on ebay £5 BIN or you can bid on it
I have a Ted Baker Endurance suit in dark grey. It is wonderful, very hard wearing (obviously) and looks the part. I think I paid approx £200 for it on impulse after I saw it at a Ted Baker outlet store.

I prefer the Ted Baker to my YSL dark blue pin stripe (which was far more expensive) because I prefer the cut and fit of the Ted Baker. My advice is to try them on and get the one which feels the best within your budget. If you only have one suit, I would not recommend a pin stripe, as it has a very business orientated look, in my opinion. A flat colour suit is more suitable for other formal occasions, not just work / job interviews.
i tried on a ted baker today, it wasnt an 'endurance,' i cant remember what they called it. It was on for £199.99 I think this suit was pretty good value. I might check out austin reed as i think they have a sale on. House of fraser also have a sale on, but it might be out of my price range.
make sure you get two pairs of trousers
Try tk maxx for a designer suit. New look do modern cut and the trousers are free with the jacket and student discount, about 50 or 60 quid.
Hi, you can buy from [url]www.moss.co.uk[/url] & at the moment you get an extr 10% discount when using code suits10
You probably bought your suit by now but check out Burtons. Very nice sale going on right now. I hesitated and someone got the one I want in my size but you can check instore as well. Only option left for me is a Black travel suit but that's not a colour I would wear in normal situations. Austin Reed have some on sale for £150-200 but there are very limited size on their site. But definitely try suits on before you decide.

Just make sure you get 100% wool in either charcoal, grey, or navy. Those are the most versatile colours you can get.

Slater's is good I guess since they alter the suit for you if you buy from them. But I didn't like how they convinced me into buying a suit two sizes too large just so I could fit into the pants since they don't have suit seperates. I didn't know much about suits back then and just bought it. Don't trust the salesperson, look into the mirror and see for yourself and ask a friend to go with you for honest opinion.
Go to the men's department in John Lewis, they still have suit experts in the menswear department and you should look for a 100% wool content like their Bobby suit range, take a friend to also get their opinion
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