suitable bathroom rads-advice needed

Found 23rd Jul
hey everyone, looking for some bathrooms rads, vertical but not just heated tower rails. I'd like a radiatior for the bathroom, the style of a heated towel one but want the rad to actually heat the room and not just some towels. do they exist? if so, any recommendations from people who have them please?

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Depends on how big the area you're heating but towel radiators are pretty effective in small areas. Useless if you're trying to heat a old house with poor insulation though. Also depends on your boiler, old clunkers might take a while to get up to heat.
Heated towel rails are essentially radiators and mine heats the bathroom fine. Its just as hot as other radiators in the house.
thanks for the response guys. appreciated.
You just want a high output towel rail.
Thanks again for the responses, I'll be getting a high btu towel rad.
If you want good output from a towel rail, get stainless steel. Won’t flake/rust and gives good heat. Have a look at Reina/DQ
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