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Found 4th Dec 2014
Having used MS Money for the past 10 years, and in the past 4 weeks since I tweaked the online account bit and get a ""A communication error occurred. Please try your call again.
If you continue to have problems call your financial institution's
Online Services Customer Support." error.....

I need a new personal finance package.

MSMoney was ideal - did everything I needed it to. I can start afresh with a blank file and then be able to import individual accounts, but this would mean I'd have to spend a good few days tweaking the info.

I've looked into upgrading to the Sunset Deluxe version and also Quicken, it's just ironic that MS and Quicken stopped support for both their packages at the same time.

I could go down the Sage route, but since all I want to do is track three bank accounts, and two personal cash accounts (and see how much I spend on a monthly basis), Sage seems a bit excessive.

Have also googled personal finance software, but all I seem to come across are links to ad sites promoting specific software.

Any software suggestions gratefully received (as would be remedies to fix the current problem - to which I've searched the best part of 3 weeks for)
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Money Plus Sunset seems to be the Microsoft replacement for Money:…spx?id=20738

"If you've been managing your finances with the help of Microsoft Money, you should be aware that Microsoft discontinued all online services and assisted support for all versions of Money on January 31, 2011. (Microsoft discontinued sales of Money on June 20, 2009.) If you're looking for an alternative program, Microsoft has made the Money Plus Sunset versions available as a replacement for the following expired programs: Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe, Microsoft Money Premium, Microsoft Money Home, and Microsoft Money Business."…008
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Have tried it already.

Only problem is that because my file was created in a UK version it won't convert to the pseudo US version
You've tried patching I assume?

Also converting may be an option others have suggested:…spx
Will try that at some point. After a while it got annoying so a fresh look will be a good idea
Which did a review of five - might be worth a look at the ones listed…re/

Not sure why link doesn't work properly - cutting and pasting should work...
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Shame the which report didnt mention whether they support import from MS Money.
Only mention qif support.
Wave is free and it grabs transactions from your bank accounts. It's for small business but can be adapted to suit.
MS Money still works fine for me.

Why not try reloading the software?
Have you tried GnuCash?
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