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suitcase stolen/missing from luggage rack on train?

Posted 7th Apr 2013
my sister put her small (cabin sized) suitcase on the luggage rack during her train journey from birmingham new street to manchester picadilly.

as the train pulled into picadilly, she went to get her suitcase and it wasn't there.

she's just got off the train. fortunately, there was nothing valuable in her suitcase but any advice on what to do would be appreciated, should the police be notified or is it possible someone took it by mistake.

many thanks
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notify the BTP (british transport police) also let the conductor of the train know so he can report it and also any cctv can be looked at and examined
i was worried about that happening when i went on Eurostar so i took my snowboard lock and locked the case to the rack. i was a bit worried i wouldn't be able to unlock it the other end but it was fine. She should definitely report it.
contact them : 0845 00 00 125. Email: lost.property@northernrail.org
Yes she should phone the police, it's a theft. Whether or not she "just put it on a rack and moved away". Luggage racks placed at each end of the carriages can't possibly allow the owners to monitor them most of the time. My mum had her case stolen on the Glasgow - London train some years ago and it was taken seriously by the police. She was told that it ,happens all the time. We've all been very careful since then, I must admit that before that I didn't really think of it. I hope the person that stole my mum's case liked all the flowery skirts and blouses and granny nylons etc that it contained. oO
is she fit???? what, just asking

is she fit???? what, just asking

why would you ask me if my own sister is 'fit'oO
Sorry to hear that but has the train arrived yet ???????????

why would you ask me if my own sister is 'fit'oO

I might ask her for a date simple X)

Sorry to hear that but has the train arrived yet ???????????

yes, it arrived 24 hours ago when I posted this
Let BTP know
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