Posted 20 April 2024


I'm trying to find 3 medium (20kg) hard shell suitcases. Ideally I'd like to spend £40 per suitcase. Would appreciate any deals that someone can steer me to.
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    If you're lucky, Tripp might have a sale on
  2. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Id highly recommend itluggage they have unmatched customer service with their 10 year warranty.
    They refund, replace or supply parts to fix wheels etc.. without question, checkout their trust pilot.
    I have a discount code for them and managed to find you medium cases for £40 plus postage.
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  3. yorkie12's avatar
    Check out Matalan , they often have deals on luggage.
  4. jase.2's avatar
    Primark £32

    IT at Matalan £40

    M&S Vienna case £40

    not sure of the quality of any, maybe people can comment
  5. Xippi's avatar
    Well worth a look in TK Maxx too. Tripp came out well in the Which? report re value for money btw.
  6. uchihayoshinori's avatar
    Thanks for all your comments got a few Tripp cases
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