Found 20th Sep 2016
Hello All,

I always see on HUKDs with cheap polyester suits people making comments like "will look good infront of a judge" and "you'll be able to charger your phone from the static" etc

I've got two polyester suits (a very cheap one from primark and one from burton) and a Wool one from Next

my polyester looks and feels and same as the cotton suit, but a lot cheaper and I don't need to get them dry clean - saving money monthly

so, please, can someone enlighten me to what the big difference is, I know the cotton will last longer but I would rather buy a new suit each year because they are so much cheaper..

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Wool or Cotton?

Either way the idea that you only need 1 suit is a strange. I don't wear suits these days, but when I did I had at least 3 and cycled them through the week.

The idea of wearing the same clothes every day is a bit icky. Or is that just me? (you need at least 2 pairs of shoes as well btw)

Original Poster

I do have 3 suits.. But I wanna know why everyone thinks wool suits are so much better then cheaper suits.. when their more expensive to buy.. look the same and needs dry cleaning rather then washing machine

wool is more breathable and less likely to stick to you
can also blend in with mohair for even lighter feel
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