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Found 22nd May
Morning! First summer where we've had to travel in the 6-weeks holidays and, we've left it too late to catch early prices - Feel like we're in the limbo period where they keep them high (8 weeks out).

Do last minute school holiday prices generally exist with: Tui etc? Any positive or negative stories relating to last minute hols, thanks!
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The problem is that the hoteliers are also selling their rooms elsewhere to other holiday companies. couple years back, lots of package holidays were unavailable not because many had bought them but because many hoteliers had done last minute deals with other European countries to get the rooms sold.
As far as I know the summer school holiday prices are not reduced and if they are inevitably there’s a reason - the destination/resort is not popular.
Personally, as you’re late to the game, I would book ASAP to avoid disappointment.
"limbo" lol at your lunacy
evostick4726th May

"limbo" lol at your lunacy

Incredible. Nice use of your weekend
evostick4726th May

"limbo" lol at your lunacy

2. an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

In case you're not mensa material
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