Summit DVDs

    Has anybody dealt with Summit DVDs before?
    They have some DVDs which I haven't been available for a while so I was wondering if it's Long John Silver software or a dodgy company for harvesting credit card numbers.
    Any ideas?


    sounds dodgy as thy cnt spl init

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    Hmmm, not looking too promising so far then!


    Site registered by Roger Smith.... Thailand (_;)

    On July 1st 2010.

    I wish I had checked out the website more before I bought from them. I thought as it was a website and you could pay through Paypal it was legit, how wrong was I! The dvds were bad fakes, I got nowhere when i emailes Summit so I raised a claim through paypal and they gave me the address in Thailand to send them back. When I entered the tracking number on my Paypal claim they refunded my money in full. I've learnt my lesson but it's a shame as puts you off from buying from smaller. less known companies.
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