Sun Hats / Baseball caps - Knowledge of others required please!!

    Do any of you kind people know where i can get a cap for my little miss naughty?
    I really want a roxy one but if you know any sites with any makes on please could you post the links for me! Kaylah will be 1 soon so 12 months plus would be ideal!!
    I know you'll probably think i am stupid getting one with a make but she is not really "in to " anything yet such as dora or fifi!!
    Thank you! x


    Did you know you have posted this 3 times?

    Original Poster

    No i just did though - how weird haven't a clue what happened!!

    tk maxx have some baby/toddler sized caps in,got my youngest an animal one but they had a large choice of nike,oilily etc

    woolworths had a denim one with i love mummy logo or u could trymothercare and adams they will most likely have sum
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