Sun Height / Tree Height..... anyone with brains????


Does anyone know how to work out the height of the sun in your back garden? I've got some tall tress that I want to cut down so that they don't overshadow the neighbours gardens.

I've googled the degrees of the sun throughout the year and am thinking that 20 degrees is about average of the height during the winter months (therefore the lowest i'd like to cut them to). Does anyone know how to calculate this into a height measurement?



Not sure how to help with the working out but fairplay to you for doing it for that reason.

Nothing worse than having huge out of control trees blocking the sun into your garden.

I think it's very selfish of people not to maintain them.

How about:

Get a 1 meter stick and stand it in a un-shaded part of the garden.
Measure the length of the shadow and then calculate based on the height of your tree.

Depends how far you need the sun to go across the garden.…tml

Using the link I set angle a at 20 degrees and picked 30 feet for the shadow span. It comes up with your tree at 11 feet.

A lot depends on how far you want (don't want) the shadow to cast.

You can play around with it and find out how much shadow different height trees will cast.

It roughly works out at 6 foot trees give a 16 ft shadow, for every foot the tree grows the shadow will lengthen 3 ft.

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thank you all so much... shall go and get a coffee and a calculator!

Tbh cutting your trees to suit winter sun seems a little extreme to me they are probably going to end up being tiny, I would have thought around this time of year (or a little earlier) would have been the time when you would like the sun to be on your garden as much as possible.

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At the moment the tree interrupt the sun going into their garden so chopping off a couple of feet will rectify that, but in the winter as the sun is so low, they barely get any light which is why I want to go quite low.

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Found this calculator site for anyone else looking to do the same ]http//ww…tml
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